About the tour

  • This is a private tour.

  • This is a WALKING TOUR.

  • The tour lasts between 2 and 3 hours but it can modified according to your wishes.

  • As a member of the Jewish Community I have access to the synagogue at any time or day.

The tour includes the general history of Split from the 3rd century until today, together with the settlement and the progress of the Jewish Community. We visit all the important sights that  have a historic and cultural significance for the development of the city and the Jewish Community. In fact, the general tour of Split cannot go without mentioning the role that the Jewish Community has played in the cultural and economical development of the city.

The tour includes the visit to the 1700-year-old Roman Palace. It is the home of most of the city sights like the Palace Substructures, beautiful squares and statues, Roman Peristyle, The Bell Tower,Jupiter’s Temple, The Golden gate, the former Jewish ghetto, the synagogue,the Jewish Community of Split,  the City Museum and many more. The Palace is a pedestrian zone so there is no possibility of driving around instead of walking.  A bit further is the Old Jewish Cemetery, up on the Marjan hill, from where you can the entire city with its landscape. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to reach it on foot but it can also be reached by car/taxi.

The visit to the synagogue and the Jewish Community of Split is also the opportunity to meet some other local Jews. I also share my own family stories and I’m often curious about yours.